Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zumatello vs GodZille and Other Assorted Adventures for Boys


I keep on writing impromptu 'I'm back' posts only to leave blog land for another three weeks so for that I apologise. This time I'm not going to guarantee you daily updates because, in truth, I'm busier now than I've ever been.

So what is it that I actually do now you ask? Well to put it bluntly I write about gadgets - I'm a tech journalist. That's right, I now make a living from writing about things I used to play with in my spare time.

When I'm not in the office I'm at press briefings and product announcements being wined and dined by tired and insincere PR people. I have a new found respect for the employees of PR agencies the world over. They have to hob knob and shmooch up to yobbos like me all day while convincing me that the product they represent is awesome. I could never do it, so kudos to you if you're an account exec.

In the past few weeks I've undergone a baptism of fire regarding what writing for online is really about. It's short, sweet and to the point. The worst part is that each story that's published on our site is scrutinised by the thousands of members that trawl our forums and comment on each piece. This means that I CANNOT make a mistake or I'll get throw to the lions. This has unfortunately happened once or twice already.

I absolutely loving it though, I actually feel as though I've found a job I can stick to for a few years (which at my tender age is a rare thing).

Oh and what about the house hunting? It's finally over! Lee and I found a fantastic 2 bed, 2 bath garden flat in Broadacres. It's HUGE and right across the road from the centre where she works (which happens to include the most lavishly stocked Spar you'll ever come across as well as a Virgin Active which is a plus for me). It's a fantastic place and I'm sure Leonard (our kitten who's steadily doubling in size and constantly walking over my screaoij;vwkjngl;wjhljdvn) will love his new garden come May 1st. Who wants to come over for a braai ? You'll have to help us move in first I'm afraid.

Next week I also happen to graduate. Although I think it's a pretty dated ceremony it's there for a reason and I can't say I'm not looking forward to it. I'm the first of my generation in the family to complete a degree so I guess that makes me a little special? Everyone has a degree today though so I guess not. My lowly BA did little else but teach me a few big words and get me a job or two. I guess it's been a cool spark to what I hope will become a raging (Australian'esque) bonfire.

Other than that I've also decided that I need a new car soon. Mine is old (208 000 km's kinda old) and it's getting a bit long in the tooth. I love my soccermom car but I think the time to give her up is drawing ever nearer. The only obstacle in my way at the moment is money, which is quite a big one because I don't have a lot. Anyone want to give me a GTi?

Oh right, and elections are next week so get on your voting caps and make a nice 'x' next to whatever party you think is most ironic. For me that would have to be either the Woman's Front whatever party has 'Christian' or 'Azanian' in it's ballot name. It's good to see that GodZille has taken to the skies in combat of Zumatello's recent political vindication - I didn't know sea beasts could fly. If only she'd embark on a Forest Gump-like marathon for no reason at all, then we'd have a truly amphibious opposition. Geez, I'm like, hilarious.

Two sayings come to mind at the moment:

"Life is good -Everyone just overeacts"


"When isn't the world ending?"

Bye for now.