Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moving and Other Interesting Things (To Me)


So after a weeks worth of crazy stress we've finally moved in. On the day that we did I also happened to write my last exam for my degree, so now I've officially finished university as well.

It all happened so quickly. One moment I was a student without a job the next a working man with a flat and everything. It's been quite an adjustment and getting used to the fact that I will probably never 'live' with my parents again is scary, because I love them and they're awesome.

On Monday night Nic and Megan came around and we had some Hubbly on one of our balconies which was really nice. It's such a refreshing feeling to know i'm literally a few km's away from my friends and that I can hang out with them whenever I like. Poker will ensue soon I'm sure.

Being able to get to work in only half an hour has been a winner as well. Getting up at about 7:30 and leaving an hour later is so much more relaxing than having to wake up at 6:30 and rush to make sure I'm in the car to sit in traffic for an hour and a half. I think I'm going to like life closer to work a lot more, effectively I'm getting 2 hours a day back to do whatever I like. Wonder!

My lady has also been super great the last couple of days. Shame, she started work yesterday and she was so tired last night, we both went to bed at around 9. I tried to read but I passed out from being sleepy before I finished a page.

I spent about 3 hours putting together the Godforsaken dresser on Monday night. Turns out that the instructions just assumed that if you had performed the action of putting screw NR322 into hole CR12 then you'd independantly divine to do it the next time around with no explanation. It was definately a project for those that are more mechanically inclined than I am but I got it done.

I really want to get an old record players. My parents have some awesome stuff Vinyl back home like The Police and Queen and i think I'm going to get into it. I've heard that on CD everything is compressed to such an extent that it cuts out all the highs and lows of the music which doesn't give you a real feeling of what the band really sounded like. Being the music geek that I am, the promise of hearing some of my favorite albums in a whole new way is too exciting. I'm trawling Gumtree as we speak for the oldest and raddest LP player around.

The TV saving is also going well. If my estimations are correct I should be able to go out and get me a 32" in about a month, which is awesome! Hooray for that. I'm not sure why guys are so obsessed with everything Audio Visual but we just are. In fact, when we arrived on Monday the first room I sorted out was the TV room. Not the kitchen where you eat, or the bedroom where you sleep, but loft..where the TV and my Hi Fi and the Wii and my CD's and my DVD's and the Satelite connection is.

I'm just glad Lee was out at the time.

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Welcome to growing up.