Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December Update: I'm back

I haven't really posted much lately. In the past few weeks I've experienced a lack of creativity and an increase in apathy towards writing, leaving me feeling rather blah and shitty.

But I'm back, or at least I think so. Here's an update:

Things are winding down at work now being December and all. Unfortunately I've only been working here since September and haven't managed to accrue an awful lot of leave in that time. While everybody has been jetting off to Kenya, Australia etc I've been staring blankly at my screen trying to figure out how to navigate around Websense so I can read all of your Blogs. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't but nevertheless I just want to say thanks for keeping me entertained with all of your crazy antics!

One of my first published articles was released nationally last week in a magazine called SL. I've been dreaming of being published in that magazine since I was 14 and now it's happened I don't feel much different. I'm beginning to think that writing for magazines isn't really for me, I like it and all, and it's super cool to walk into any store and see the magazines on the rack but it doesn't give me that buzz...Regardless, I'm doing monthly reviews for them now and the other day I picked up a few free CD's to stamp approval onto. One of which was the new Guns 'n Roses album.

Has anyone heard it? What do you think?

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to starting my own events company. I dabbled this year in organising some pretty big rock festivals and all of them were really successful. More than this I frikken LOVED organising it all. It's so exciting. Rock shows aren't real money makers however and if I'm going to start a business then I need to change the business plan to incorporate something that will. Any ideas?

Yesterday was the lady and me's anniversary. It was also a public holiday which meant we got to spend the whole day together. After her parents, her sister and said sister’s boyfriend came over to see our new flat we did a bit of Christmas shopping (mistake), grabbed a bite to eat and drove home. We swam and tanned at the complex pool, I went to gym and then we sat around wallowing in complete boredom for an hour or so.

Eventually I made the fantastic suggestion to go to the casino down the road and play the cheapest slots we could find with R100 ($10). I managed to lose my half but my enormously lucky heroine girlfriend won us about $20 and we went for a meal at a gourmet burger restaurant on the casinos cash! It might seem silly but it was frikken great. I had the biggest Cheese Burger I'd ever seen and finished it all. The chef was impressed.

Oh, oh and we got a couch! It's an L shape and it's really very comfortable. Watching TV on that old sleeper couch of mine that barely fit one of us, let alone two was getting kind of old....


That damn expat said...

Hey Tom, welcome back!
Umm I'm trying to come up with a suggestion for your business idea.
Maybe you could work with up and coming artists and local clubs.
Bleh you can see I don't know much about the music industry.

Congratulations on getting published! You should copy your article here.

That damn expat said...

I have your interview set up so email me at for the questions.