Monday, December 8, 2008

Please consider me when you reverse

Some people drive well, some people don't drive so well.

In South Africa we don't really have much of an infrastructure when it comes to public transport, (in part because the distances are quite considerable). It is because of this that most people have a car and drive regularly.

I like to think I'm pretty sweet at steering my one and a half ton silver VW in the right direction. heck, this morning I parallell parked in one smooth, debonairish movement. I felt like James Bond. I am awesome at driving.

When I'm reversing out of a parking spot I usually look where I'm going before putting the car into gear. It seems common knowledge (and sense) to check that there are no vehiculars driving in your general direction before you drive that way. Am I wrong?

Why then, everytime I come back to work from buying Green Tea and an Energy Bar, does every single lebanese grandmother (I work down the road from a lebanese catholic church) have to pull out a little before she looks where she's going? it's kind of frustrating and it scares the shit out of me.

Damn you lebanese grandmothers of the world and your 4x4 utility offroad all terrain vehicles that you've never taken off the tarmac.

The lebanese are pretty of hardass/badcore in these parts, I hope they don't read this.....


That damn expat said...

Hey Tom! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following.
Your blog looks interesting, I'll be back.

~Sheila~ said...

LOL. I hate that.
It happens here too in the grocery store parking lot.

I like to exaggerate our fear when these drivers realize we are behind them by grabbing my children to my bosum and looking at the drivers in horror.

It freaks them out a little too.