Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tag: Current Addictions

Yesterday Being Brazen tagged everyone in her 'Current Addictions' post.

Being that I (think) I fall into the everyone category and that she so politely reminded me this afternoon I decided to follow up and write this blog like a real man.

I am currently addicted to:

Crack Cocaine:

Chasing the magic dragon, there's really nothing better.

Looking for a new place to live:

Our lease ends at the end of April and now that I'm making a little more money Lee and I can afford to move into something bigger than a box. I'm looking for a 2 bed duplex, 2 appliances, garden with a garage and a garden (our cat needs somewhere to run around other than up my leg). Know anything?

That being said I'm also addicted to

Leonard Nemoy Mc Lovin':

My cat. He got his name from quotes from two epic movies, namely Superbad and Step Brothers. He's only 8ish weeks old, he's grey and I think he has energy problems, he never stops running around. Can someone with previous experience in cats please let me know when this will stop?


It just sort of happened, I'm not proud of it. Add me.


These things are more delicious than Kiera Knightly. Tamara swore she was going to give me some of her extra special, home grown, organic, fresh from the garden but in a bottle Pepperdews but she/we forgot before I left. Still not sure if they exist.

Reading all of ExMi's old posts:

She's been blogging longer than Israel and Palestine have had beef, what's more is that every post is awesome. If you don't know her (and you should by now, we swopped blogs and everything) then do yourself a favour and check her out.

Slamming Turok:

Turok is the worst game I've ever played.

Dancing by myself and crying a little:

No explanation needed.

Eating Lee's Cooking:

Has been and will always be the best food under the sun (next to my mommy's).

There you have it! Boring huh?


MudIsland Mike said...

haha, Mclovin from Hawaii!! Classic!

What's Lee's speciality in the kitchen??

SuvvyGirl said...

Well I do know of a little house that's just around the corner from me that meets all of your standards...but I dont' think relocating to the US would be within your best interest at this moment in time. :P

And in the cat department if you're lucky once he gets to be about 6 months old he should slow down...especially if you have him clipped. Rascal my cat calmed down about that time and we had him clipped to. But be prepared sometimes the drugs they give them for the pain never fully wear off and you could end up with a permanently stoned cat that has no grace or balance whatsoever!! It makes for cheap easy entertainment.

Being Brazen said...

heehee...dancing and crying...

I reminded you because I really wanted to read Im glad you did it. Dude, you crack me up

Being Brazen said...

Maybe i should clarify- when i said "you crack me up" i meant you are hysterically funny and not that you give me crack cocaine


Anonymous said...

So you got a cat!? Cool!

~Sheila~ said...

Yeah...crack cocaine is a little addicting...isn't it?

As for your kitty...
When he's dead.
That's when he will stop being so crazy hyper. Mine is big already and has never stopped pouncing on the kids. They can't turn the corner without him attaching himself to their legs...

I may actually put up a video sometime cause it's pretty hilarious.

~Sheila~ said...

OH...and when I say "attaching himself to their legs..."

Not in a perverted way......pervert.

Tamara said...

My pepperdews DO exist! Remind me next time I see you and I'll give you a bottle. I have one that's like 3 litres. Should keep you awhile ;-)

Which area are you looking in? I know of a place but it's in Weltevreden Park.

Try for places to rent. You can serach by area and you don't have to deal with agents.

angel said...

nice. very nice.
as for the kitten- they're like little kids dude, they do everything at break-neck speed for a few months. they slow down and mellow out as they get older.