Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To Cat or not to Cat?

Still no phone call today kids, I'm beginning to get a little despondent here. I've spent all day looking at my phone and checking my mail, waiting for just a little information. Its weird how this has been affecting my mood, someone called on private number and never left a message and I found myself more than a little annoyed.

Seriously. What can I do with a private number if you don't leave me a message you tool? Do you expect me to magically divine where you came from and who you are? I'm not a super computer, so how about next time you call you leave me a message telling me what you wanted.

In other news we may be getting a cat. After the Guinea Pig Debacle I was left feeling somewhat over cautious towards getting another furry friend. It's a big responsibility to take care of a pet and you have to be prepared to shoulder that responsibility for the rest of the animals’ life. After a lot of thinking I started considering the idea of a cat last week, we have quite a few in our complex and they're relatively easy animals to keep thanks to their 'screw you' attitudes. When I found out that they can get used to life in a flat I thought it might not be such a bad idea.

Well today it was like fate (whatever that is) hit me on the head. Sleepyjane twittered that someone she knew was giving away kittens and, knowing that Lee would be thrilled with the idea, I asked her for the number.

My girlfriend was predictably giddy over the idea and a result we're probably going to see the little critters tonight. Any ideas for names?

I ran into this picture on facebook today and I had to think long and hard about posting it because it's ridiculously embarrassing. Thanks to the urgings of ExMi I decided to let you guys have a look see at me aged 18, in the height of my band days. Here it goes....

I know, I'll never live it down.


Miss T said...

I'm first I'm first...yeah!

Ok YES to the cat. ANY pet I find brings absolute joy...and tears. You learn to be that little less selfish. And yes any pet is a huge deal. Hell I flew mine all the way to Ireland and spent 6 months taking the train for 4 hours in total every second week for 6 months to visit the beast in quarantine.

But it was worth it.

My beast is aptly named Monster

You should only give the critter a name once you have spent some time with it....get an idea of its personality

Helen said...

I find names to be someting of self-fulfilling prophecies... good luck with Monster!

jozi_journo said...

I think you should call your kitten Fish, and then get him a buddy and call it Chips.

Bella@That damn expat said...

Get outta here! You were so cute!
I would have totally dated you back then.

Wait. I was 16 when I was a senior in high school. You're, what, 5 years younger?

No, I definitely wouldn't have dated you.

Being Brazen said...

heehee - cute pic

Call your cat: Taco, Sushi or Wasabi

(I have food on the brain today)


Glugster said...

We obviously can't give proper names to your new masters until we have seen pictures.

Tamara said...


It will be the truth encapsualted in one word.

PS: I dig your emo band look ;-)

Anonymous said...

1.You know I'm all for the cat. If it's a female you should name it after me. (Nicole)

I'm kidding!

...or am I?

2. You were a hunky pie. I like the pic. Then again I have a thing for men that wear eyeliner and black nail polish so I'm not sure if I'm allowed to have an opinion then. o.O


~Sheila~ said...

Sure, get a cat. Cats like to cuddle AND...they wipe their own asses...

well, sort of. At least they cover their own Sh!t.

My son would totally love your pic in your band days. He wants his hair like that. Unfortunately, we just took him to get a haircut cause he was looking like he was running around with a helmet on.