Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Vindication

I caved this weekend.

After my militant anti Valentines Day post on Friday I gave in and snuggled up to every romantic ideal I could muster. It was soppy, it was gushy and it was horribly sweet (for me). It was so unlike me that I had to check myself in the mirror before I went to bed just to make sure that I hadn't turned into a sop like that Orlando Bloom fellow(what kind of a surname is Bloom?).

Why on earth would I, the anti commercialism crusader, would I fold like a deck chair? Read on, read on!

It all started on Friday evening when Lee and I decided that we'd go out for dinner to Dopio Zero. It was unpredictably empty and there were candles everywhere, it seemed to me that these guys had started celebrating V Day a little early and were wondering why the romantic atmosphere hadn't translated to a full restaurant. We drifted onto the topic of romanticism after I spent fifteen minutes moaning about pushover guys that made men/boys like me look bad. The roses in the teeth, the long hair, the poetry and the silly gestures did nothing but make us normal dudes look stupid and unromantic.

Then Lee dropped the bombshell.

Lee: "But you aren't very romantic"

Tom: "Um what? I am so romantic. I am more romantic than Casanova"

Lee: "Exactly"

Tom: "What?"

Lee: "He's dead"


This sparked a little something in my head. I decided to ignore everything I'd said about the fourteenth of February and move the little dinner I'd been planning to the following day.

On Saturday morning I dropped Lee at work and went straight to the shops to get me some delicacies, wine and tulips. Tulips are hard to find. Eventually, after experiencing a few "You've left it a little late buddy" looks from aged florists I tracked my prize to a backwater shrub purveyor and (reluctantly) made my purchase (holyshittulipsareexpensive!). With my booty in hand I jumped into my car and headed home to plan my next move.

Sometime that afternoon I got a call from Lee to let me know that her Dad had fixed her and that he was on his way to drop it off. Great, that meant I didn't have to pick her up. At 4pm sharp I started straightening out the house, I laid the table (candles, flowers- the whole shebang), uncorked the wine and I got to cookin'.

The menu?

Salmon, lightly glazed in a sweet and sour sesame seed marinade on a bed of succulent basmati rice, roasted vegetables (not from a bag I'll have you know) and grilled olive ciabata.

It was delicious.

Then we went to watch Burn after Reading and we had desert and coffee at Ciao Baby's.

Lee loved every minute of it. Maybe this Valentines thing isn't soooo bad.

Did I do good?

PS: I've had a wonderful explosion of new readers lately so it's only natural that I make sure you understand the status quo. I ALWAYS respond to EVERY comment you may leave on my posts, so make sure you check back if you're interested. Thank you all so much for reading!


Anonymous said...

You did good.

People have been pimping your blog - so I decided to pay attention.

Love it so far. Good luck with that reply to commenting track. You're a better person than me.

[F]oxymoron said...

If you can turn Burn After Reading into a romantic movie choice... you are the man!

so yeah, you did good.

po said...

Dude. What a cool day. My BF left to go climbing at 7 am and got home at 10.30pm.

But then I did tell him about a million times how stupid I thought V Day was. So I can only blame me.

Bella@That damn expat said...

That sounds very romantic, Tom, good for you!

Andy said...

Nice, dude. I should be taking notes from you

Kristen said...

You definitely did good! Sounds like a lovely evening. In my opinion, yes we should tell the ones that we love "I love you" every day, and we should appreciate them every day... however, sometimes it is nice to take time out from the hustle and bustle of daily life and celebrate those that you love. And there are ways to do it non-commercially, too, like by not exchanging cards or gifts, or maybe just writing each other letters and making dinner together. It can be simple and still celebratory. :-) Great job!

Astharis said...

I agree 100% with what Kristen said!

I think that you made a fantastic job. Romantic and not at all cheesy!

Being Brazen said...

you did really sweet

Tamara said...

Go Tom!

I bet she was pleased. I loved her response - "He's dead." LMAO...

Anonymous said...

You did really good Tom. I'm very impressed.

When J wants to do something romantic it usually involves ordering chinese. Which, is awesome on a whole other level but still. ;)

Thomas said...

Piasportal: Awesome, thanks for popping by, looking forward to hearing more from you!

Foxymoron: Ha ha, thanks! Burn After Reading was great.

Po: Ha ha, I guess so. Trust me, mine was completely impromptu


Andy: I read your post dude, I suck compared to you

Kristen: I agree with you completely!

Astharis: Not too cheesy? Awesome!

Brazen: Thanks you:)

Tamara: Ha ha, if I wasn't so taken back I would have canned myself!

Sleepy: Hey, Chinese is awesome - as long as it has cashew nuts!

~Sheila~ said...

Yes sir!
Of course, Lee should have just seen the romantic side of you first (actually, it should have been the only side she should have seen of you but then that leads to higher and higher expectations)
Now, next better start planning. You can't let this year beat next year. done did it now...