Friday, January 9, 2009

Blogging for the blind?

I don't know if anybody has noticed this, but when you leave a comment on a fellow bloggers post you have to fill out something called a capcha.

This is a series of random letters put on place to check that you are a real human and not some sort of evil spybot, hell bent on taking over the interweb.

Every comment we post we have to fill in tresdf or tyudss or njdfaw. We see with our eyes, and then we type what we see with our fingers while again utilizing said eyes to look at the keyboard.

Why then, on God's green earth, would Blogger put a disability sign next to the type in box?

This is kinda what it looks like.

I pondered on this for while and finally decided to run my cursor over the icon in the hopes that Blogger would provide some sort of information.

It said "listen and type the words you hear". Now that's a revelation.

I assume this is directed towards blind people. But if you're blind how the hell do you navigate the internet let alone have the foresight (I'm sorry, I really am) to click on a tiny disability sign this - - big?
This is clearly ridiculous.

If you were blind would this piss you off?


Angela said...

Tom, you are funny. Sounds like something I would say. But I can tell you there is technology that enables blind people to use the web. I don't remember what it is called or how exactly it works but I know it does exist because I have clients where I work that use it all the time.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Haha, this made me laugh, and I've often wondered that too!

Thomas said...

Thanks Angela:)

Where do you work?

I just couldn't fathom an explanation. I sat here thinking about it for an hour, trying not to sound like a tool.

Are Blind people traditionally disabled? Because that's not a picture of a blind person, that's a person in a wheelchair.

Do people in wheelchairs have to use the icon too?