Friday, January 9, 2009

My weekend...

Fridays are the best days.

This weekend I'll be going to band practice after work, after that I'll probably have a few drinks with the guys before I head home.

Lee is off to have a girls night with her sister and some friends tonight so that means she won't be home before twelve, leaving me all the time in the world to play X Box and listen to loud, angry music before she gets back. When she gets home she'll definitely have some pearls of wisdom to share with me about how to flaunt your cleavage and not spend a cent on drinks all night. Awesome, I'm so proud of her.

After that I’ll probably do the fancy dance, brush my teeth and go to bed.

Tomorrow we're getting up early to head back to our parents house for the day. This will give me an opportunity to steal whatever I need for the Braai (barbeque) we're having on Sunday from my parents. When I say steal, I mean borrow, and when I say borrow I kind of mean claim as my own.

The list is:

- Meat
- Beer
- Charcoal
- Chairs

The fact that my Moms will watch me pack all this stuff into my car and drive off into the distance makes it that much cooler.

I'll get home, shower and then somehow slip into some skinny jeans for the show tomorrow night. I used to be a big fan of having my nether regions cooped up for hours on end in a limited amount of denim but lately I've been getting over it. Nevertheless, and in the spirit of keeping up appearances I'll spill myself into my tightest pair, pack my gear and leave for the venue where I will:

- Arrive and chase the sound guy around, getting him into shape and back on time
- Shout at the opening band who haven't arrived for sound check yet
- Franticly try to bribe the barman to give me the change I should have gone to the bank to get
- Stamp a whole lot of people after taking their money
- Get onstage and rock some faces, sweat, sing, gyrate, jump, run, sing, sweat, sing, gyrate etc
- Re apply my make up (figure of speech)
- Stamp some more people
- Pay some people
- Pack up
- Go Home
- Sleep

See how I made my list go from biggest to smallest by limiting the number of words I used in each line? I'm an artist, I know.

On Sunday I'll wake up, take my woman out for a big breakfast at our breakfast place where they make the most fantastic eggs, mushrooms, steak etc ever.

Go home and clean clean clean.

Get ready for everyone to arrive, set up the chairs, light the fire.

I'll watch everyone arrive with a smile on my face while thinking
"If these guys piss on my toilet seat I'm going to throw them off the balcony"

I'll drink some beer, cook some food, eat some food, laugh a bit and then everyone will go home.

At this point we'll clean our little flat (again) and settle down to watch the Sunday night movie, which happens to be the Golden Compass this week. Hooray.

Lee will go to bed, I'll play some X Box or read little and then I'll turn into a werewolf (not really).

It sounds so exciting; I can't wait for my weekend to start. What are you guys going to be doing?

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