Thursday, January 22, 2009

My girlfriend is going to leave me...

Most sincere apologies for the lack of blog yesterday. To be honest, I just wasn't in the mood. That happens to you guys right?

Oh and don't worry. My girlfriend isn't leaving me for realsies but it's getting harder and harder to pry her away from her book. What is she reading? The Twilight Series of course!

Damn you Stephenie Meyer! Damn you and your gripping story line, mediocre writing and over usage of words like 'perforated' and 'whan' in adjectival form!

What is it about this series that turns grown women into little girls? I've been living with a giddy 13 year old for the past two weeks! If I hear one more pre pubescent shriek from the 21 year old woman I live with I’m going to go on a rampage.

It has its benefits however; life has never been so quiet:) And she is kinda cute…

Today I had no idea what to blog about. I need help!

-What do you do when you have no what to post?

-What should I be blogging about?

-If I had no hands, how then would I be able to continue my blogging career?

Those are some pertinent questions indeed...

Oh and thank you for all the comments on the stripper article. For a minute there I thought it was going to land me in a bit of hot water.

PS: If ya'll want to talk to me and tell me how much you like/don't like/feel apathetic towards my blog then just drop me an email on Yes, that's right; I opened a blog e mail address.

Twilight: Stealing our girlfriends one at a time


Anonymous said...

Stumbleupon is always good for when you don't know what to blog about, but feel obliged to post something (see my Odds and Ends of yesterday!), and if you had no hands you could always use your toes, or even your nose. Unless your chin is more pointy than your nose, in which case....

Bella@That damn expat said...

It was almost the other way around in our household. My husband bought me those damn books. See, he only reads work related stuff and I devour novels. So he was so happy that he could get me books that were popular and I haven't read.

Well I hated them. HATED. But I had to read all 4 of them because I didn't want to seem ungrateful.

So@24 said...

I always knew vampires would be the end of us.

Anonymous said...

You just *had* to go and put up a picture of Edward huh? *sighs dreamily*

So I guess that answers your dare you left on my blog. Yes. I was sucked in. I've read the saga twice and seen the movie 3 times. Deep down I'll always be a teenager waiting for HAHA

I even read a quote somehere and it said, after Twilight human boys don't measure up.

When I don't know what to blog about I don't. Yeah, lame but true. :)

Being Brazen said...

I obsessively LOVE the Twilight books.
My Boyf was worried about me, i literally read all 4 books in the series in record time. I couldnt put them down. It was so much fun.


I was happy and sad to finish the Saga. Seriously it made me very anti-social. way addictive stuff. The pages must be laced with drugs!


Thomas said...

Future: I regularly use my chin to type, mainly for the spacebar button. Thanks for the advice!

Bella: You have sense, I'm so glad that at least one literate female can circumnavigate the 'charm' of Edward Cullen. High fives all round!

SO@24: I had an inkling a few years ago, a dream if you will. Everyone called me crazy, now look at us.

Sleepyjane: SOMEONE QUICK! QUARANTINE! That's terrible! How are single guys supposed to get girlfriends with this stuff floating around. WE need to invent brain reprogrammers, either that or I', going to find one of those Men in Black memory thingies.

Thomas said...

Brazen: I identify with your boyfriend. Lee has read two of the four books now (the second in only two days, and she works full time) and she doesn't have the third yet. She's been walking around looking like a heroine addict going cold turkey. I have to confess something though, I ordered her book number 3. It's a suprise...

Tia said...

my husband feels your pain.

Glugster said...

I just recently got Angel the first book. She seems to be enjoying it, but I don't think I have to worry about her leaving me anytime soon.....LOL

Being Brazen said...

Thomas - you are a good boyfriend! Now be an even better one and get her the 4th book too - she will finish the 3rd one in about 2 days. heehee

Tamara said...

Am I the only chick in the world that has no interest in Twilight at all?

When you don't know what to blog about, do a (good) meme. But not a lame one.

The easiest is probably the six random things meme:

1. Link to the person that tagged you (or wherever you found the meme).

2. Post the rules on your blog

3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself

4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

6. Let your tagged peops know once your entry is UP.

Thomas said...

Tia: Awesome! We should hold an anti twilight party!

Glugster: DON'T BUY HER THE NEXT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brazen: I think I'm goin gto stagger it, that way if I want to play x box for 24 hours straight all i have to do is buy her a book:)

Tamara: It seems that only you and Bella can see through the web of over romantic soppyness that is Twilight. Check her blog out if you haven't alread. Oh and thanks for the idea, that sounds fun!

Random Hiccups said...

This is too hilarious! I have been dying to read these books.. I'll warn my fiance first I guess! :)

angel said...

as glugs said, i'm reading them too (the first one), and whilst i am enjoying it- it reminds me more than a little of the "Sweet Valley High" stories i read years ago.
entertaining, but certainly not written for grownups i think.