Friday, January 9, 2009

I figured out what Templates were!

In honour of my resolution to clean up my blogging act and actually take this seriously I've started to edit my profile!

It's not much yet, but soon you'll have photo's and logos and headers and all that jazz. I'm pretty bad at this but, along with my decision to hike up my writing socks, I've also decided that it's finally time to learn to use Photoshop. This is going to be one heck of a jump considering I've never used a design program apart from Paint in my life and I'm generally terrible at that kind of stuff.

Nevertheless, I'm not an old dog yet, so here's to me jumping on the design technology bandwagon.

I see this year being good to 'I am Tom' - Fingers crossed!

Sad news for my woman, her girls night has been cancelled in favour of a 'go out with her sisters boyfriends parents for dinner' night. That might be awkward, too awkward for me. I'm glad I have an excuse.

Me, I've got my guitar next to me and I'm watching the clock. 53 minutes to go and I'm off to band, hooray!

Have a great weekend!


That damn expat said...

Don't worry, I assembled my header in paint!
It's fun to play around with different designs, there's tons of free templates out there.

Thomas said...

I'm going to play around a whole lot:)

My profile is going to look like the love child of a drunk monkey and a unicorn. Or at least I hope so!