Friday, January 30, 2009

Me? Published?

So I wrote a review for Call of duty 5 on the other day. Want to read it?

MyBroadband is one of the biggest websites in South Africa with over 750 000 unique hits per month. Wow.

Oh and for those of you who live in South Africa and didn't know, I also write for SL Magazine. I'm a featured contributer in the February issue so check it out!



Bella@That damn expat said...

Good for you, Tom!
I didn't understand a single word. I am clueless when it comes to games.

momcat said...

Read your review. Congratulations on reporting for a big website - hope they pay well. Your review has just given me a new blogging topic! Tks.

Being Brazen said...

Cool - you write for SL!!!

Have a fab weekend!

angel said...

wow... very impressed- and more than a little ~~green with envy here~~

Asphodel said...

I preferred COD 4 so much more!
Did you play the zombies game you unlock at the end of COD5 singleplayer? :-D

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. Will definitely check it out! ;)

Thomas said...

Bella: Me too! I totally made it all up:)

Momcat: Great can't wait to read it!

Brazen: I have been known to:) Hope yours was good!

Angel: Ha ha, thank you:)

Asphodel: Yeah I did! Fun in the sun, I agree with you about COD 4

Sleepy: When you do let me know, I can't find the mag anywhere!