Friday, January 16, 2009

The weekend roundup: What's on my desk.

Happy Friday everyone!

For us here in South Africa there's not much of it left but it's only just beginning for those of you in America enjoy it while you still can!

Suckers! We're totally closer to the weekend than you are. But then again on Sunday you're further from Monday so I guess that balances things out.

When I'm at work my desk tends to get pretty messy and it's the one thing I hate sorting out. It's kind of my home away from home so I try not to not to ever let it get TOO clean.

Kind of like this
Things on my desk at the moment:

24" Flat Screen Monitor: Yeah, my work is baddass like that
Lunch Box: Pink
Styrofoam rock: When I got this I liked to throw it at the people I work with
Coca Cola Football
Tennis Ball
Raphael Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figure
Hulk Action Figure (Hanging off screen)
Lycra remains from the gym ball we destroyed yesterday
Assorted Pens

What do you have on your desk?

This weekend's going to be mighty entertaining one, that's for sure. I've got my best mate Ryan coming through for a few days. I've known him since I was 10 and we went to school together, played in bands together, went to varsity together and shared a room at said varsity.

I haven't seen him for almost two months and although it might seem homoerotic I'm looking forward to hanging out with him.

When the weekend spits me out on Monday with only vague recollections of X Box's, Wii's, Beer and Braais I'll tell you all about it.

Wish me luck, that's all I'm saying.

PS: I'm a total conspiracy and undercover story whore so if you share that fascination with me you have to check out Damn Interesting. It's a group of fantastic writers who've compiled reports on everything from whether one remains conscious when one is decapitated (a question we've all pondered I'm sure) to an American Fascist coup that lost steam.
Sorry for the short, wierd, disturbing post.

Have a great weekend! Here's a picture of a clown to get you in that party mood: so good!


Bella@That damn expat said...

That's not homoerotic. What is homoerotic, though, is the pink lunchbox! :-P

po said...

Haha nice picture. Is that your desk? For real?

Marie Reed said...

Hi Tom! I saw you through Bella! I just have empty coffee cup scattered everywhere!

Nikola said...

My desk: a laptop, some notebooks, candy bar wrappers, speakers, a glass, a microphone and my cell. :)

Love your blog, btw!

Thomas said...

Bella: My pink lunchbox is awesome! It make sme feel like more of a man ok!

Po: Po, I wish that was my desk. i have that picture on my wall and every morning I look at it and release that thought to the universe in the hopes that one day I too can achieve that level of uncleanlines:)

Marie: Great to see you at my blog:) If we didn't have someone clearing up the desks every evening I don't think I'd be able to see through all the coffee cups scattered everywhere. Messy five!

Nikola: Thanks you so much:)You have a microphone?! You must work as an airport terminal announcer - awesome!