Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's a Tagathon!

Ok, so yesterday I made the decision to write a few posts about my life. Yesterday was all about being born and then being eaten by a spider for example.

But writing about your life is really hard and can kind of take it out of a guy. Making something relatively normal seem interesting is like trying to take a tomato and turn it into a bloody Mary, you can do it but it's not that easy.

It's for this reason that I've decided to make the 'My Life' saga a Wednesday thing. That way you guys don't end up bored and I don't end up mentally exhausted. Ok? Deal? Great!

Right, on to business.

Today I'm going to tag a few of my favourite Bloggers and try to entice them into answering a few questions.

These are Blogs you should really really be reading. Sure I don't have a lot of readers right now (ok I have 4), but if even one person happens across my blog and follows a link on to one of these amazing Blogs then that's awesome!

That Damn Expat - I've been reading Expat's blog for a few months now and it's grown so quickly. She's really smart and stuff and she likes to write about Sunday Schools and her cleaner Magda (among other things of course). Oh and did I forget to mention that she just got married, on New Years Eve? Read it!

Wild ARS Chase - This is one of the most refreshing guy blogs I've read. He's a really funny fellow and writes about his girlfriend Capricorn, Christmas Door Competitions and Bromances. Not necessarily in that order of course. In a world of (generally) female bloggers this is my dosage of 'dude' for the day, and it's great.

Confessions of a Jersey Girl - Rachel is a great writer and she's been through some pretty hectic stuff. It's really cool to read up on how she gets through it all and moves forward with her life. Yeah, it sounds totally gay coming from me but I think she's awesome. Oh yeah, and she just got her own page/URL!

I'm a Mom in Real Life - Ok this is just funny. I haven't read a more honest, down to earth; take me as you see me blog before. Rachel and her husband Dan and her Daughter Diana get up to some pretty funny stuff. Check this out on a Wednesday especially if you like Vlogs!

Clever Girl Goes Blog- Tia is one of the best writers around. Sure she's huge (think 1600 followers huge) but her posts are personal and really witty. She's a complete princess and that makes me laugh. This was the first blog I started reading when I signed up to Blogger.

Ok. So if any of you tagged peoples read this I challenge you to do a post answering a few (not so easy) questions!

The questions we REALLY want answered tag:

*serious face for serious questions

Rule 1: There are no rules! Kapow!
Rule 2: Ok the only rule is don't forget to tag at least three Blogs that you read regularly when you're done!

1) Where does the toe tag go on a dead person if they don't have toes?

2) Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves?

3) Isn’t Disney World just a people trap operated by a mouse?

4) If when people freak out they are said to be "having a cow", when cows freak out are they said to be "having a person?"

And the real cruncher:

5) How fast do hotcakes actually sell?

That's it, only 5 questions. Easy!


That damn expat said...

Oooh this is a fun tag! You should name it though and attach a little picture to it, so that when it spreads like wildfire across the blogosphere, which will inevitably happen, everyone can know where it came from!

And, you know, thanks for the kind words.

Thomas said...

Ok I did it! Good idea!

Hopefully people will repost it:)

Tamara said...

Hello Tom. Thanks for stopping by my blog. There's actually LOADS of awesome SA bloggers, once you discover the network.

Try these for a start (and please tell them I sent you so I score brownie points!):

Being Brazen said...

thanks for the comment :)

I will definitely go check out the blogs you recommended

Tia said...

hi! thanks for the tag.

(and as far as your google analytics question, i'd just use because i think it's easier.)

1) on their ankle? finger? i dunno. elbow!

2) dentists go to other dentists if they have to. just like hairstylists. some things we can do ourselves but others are just physically impossible.

3) yes. a business-savvy mouse.

4) only bart simpson says that, so unless the cows watch "the simpsons", this question is invalid.

5) faster than waffles.

i know i was supposed to post this on my blog but it's 2 am so i'm making my own rules.

thanks again for the tag, and good luck with statcounter.

Glugster said...


I see Tamara from Doodles of a Journo has given you my blog url. She unfotunately gave the wrong one. You can find me at

And I agree with her. There are loads of South African bloggers out there.

Andy said...

Nice man, thanks for the kind words. You bring the total male readers for my blog up to... uh, like 2. Unite!
I'll see if I can answer your questions soon.

JenBun said...

Rachel tagged me to do your meme, and I just did! Good times! Thanks for sharing, and I'm looking forward to reading more from you... :)

Thomas said...

Bella: have you seen? It's spreading like wildfire, and we started it! We're awesome like that.

Tamara: Thanks for the blogs, i've joined them all!

Brazen: No problem, check out the blogs- they're all mac awesome!

Tia: It's ok I understand! Great answers by the way, and thanks for the tip!

Glugster: I'm following your blog merrily, thank you:)

Andy: Yeah man, us guys have to stick together. We're being swamped by femininity! Looking forward to your answers.

JenBun: I've been lurking your Blog for ages through Tia (sorry!). Thanks so much for posting the MeMe, it's growing really quickly!